Milan, Italy – March 15, 2019 – ALFAPROJECT.NET and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announce a strategic OEM partnership to support the manufacturing market in the digitalization process.

The OEM partnership allows the integration of the MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) platform of, called LOG iN – MOM, with the data coming from all systems, machinery and sensors present in the shop floor.

This enables a complete digitalization of the productive, logistic, qualitative and maintenance processes guaranteeing a real-time governance of the production plant and of the operational activities.

The integration between the LOG iN – MOM platform and HPE’s edge computing technology allows manufacturing companies to streamline indirect production activities and synchronize them on the basis of the real business needs by reducing time to market and ensuring maximum efficiency of the business organization and production facilities with real time control.

“It is only through the integration of the 3 M (Men, Machines and Materials) that we can speak of Industry 4.0. Manufacturing companies increasingly need to be efficient and responsive to the needs of the market and, to date, only digitalization can enable these results to be achieved “said Alessandro Dandolo, Managing Partner of “This partnership completes the process of innovation and manufacturing integration that has started for several years and has successfully introduced to large Italian and international industrial companies.”