At the end of July 2018 EPTA S.p.a. conferred the task to implement the project MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) for the digitization of the production plants. After an activity of analysis carried out by the LEAN solutions factory located in Milan, the Italian group leader in refrigeration chose the LOG iN – MOM platform by to digitize all the plant processes relative to the production, logistics, quality and maintenance areas.
This Industry 4.0 project will introduce new technologies and allow EPTA to implement an integrated SMART Factory model with a real time governance of production and plant processes.
The project initially involves 4 plants (COSTAN in Limana – BL, IARP in Casale Monferrato – AL, GEORGE BARKER in Bradford – Britain and BONNET NEVE’ in Hendaye – France) and then it will be extended worldwide.

“A further confirmation that the model and our LOG iN platform are by now a landmark for the manufacturing world, moreover this collaboration with EPTA allows us to strengthen the internationalization process which the company started years ago” – as stated Alessandro Dandolo (Managing Partner of

EPTA S.p.a.
EPTA, multinational group specialized in the commercial refrigeration for Organized Distribution, has established itself worldwide thanks to a solid industrial culture, a huge competitiveness and the significant presence of the Group both in geographical terms and in business areas. The Group offers the widest and most miscellaneous range of solutions for commercial refrigeration, granting the supply, installation and maintenance of devices both directly and through a widespread network of worldwide distributors. EPTA Group works actively also in the Food & Beverage area, as partner of important players in the field. EPTA’s vocation is focused on the choice to combine the value of experience with the innovation potentialities, with the commitment to promote a sustainable progress and the will to pursue constantly an internationalization strategy.