Supply Chain Consulting is specialized and focused on optimizing the supply chain and has been sustaining the managers of great companies in the delicate task of cost reduction and value generation for years.

A real LEAN Solutions Factory which pinpoints technological and innovative solutions so that the need to optimize and cut the costs can transform into a chance to create new business opportunities.

Successful experiences and plans developed with the highest industrial realities made a very well known player on the market as the strategic partner in the supply chain and traceability environment.

This result has been attained thanks to a deep knowledge in the industrial reference models (Lean Manufacturing, World Class Manufacturing, ITIL) and in the traceability technologies available on the market.


Business Process Re-engineering aimed at optimization and simplification of the plant operative processes to improve the service quality and cut the operating costs.
Analysis and identification of the best technologies to support the business process with ergonomics control per type of user.
Identification of the inefficiencies and the required corrective actions to optimization, by transforming the weaknesses into strengths.
Ability to support the needs of product traceability and/or process and trigger a monitoring activity which allows to control the daily tasks and seize new business opportunities.

“Process Driven” approach

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