Module for controlling and governing warehouse operations.


Logistic processes are productive processes and as such they need to be governed.
LOGiN WMS module allows you to manage warehouse operations in PULL logic by providing tools for monitoring and measuring the levels of the logistics service.


      • Management of missions for logistics activities
      • Process completely guided by the system
      • Logistics and performed activities traceability
      • Reduction of stocking and withdrawal times
      • Integration with logistics processesi
      • Times monitoring and measurement
      • Monitoring of logistical performances
      • Breakdown of indirect costs



Managed processes


Through the integration with i external ERP systems, LOGiN receives the information on the goods
incoming and allows identification, ventilation and labeling of articles in management by operators.
The univocal identification of load units and the possibility of further serialization of the packages allow traceability through all warehouse processes

Put Away and Quality

Stocking operations and control are guided through the use of workflows
automation that allow you to differentiate operations.
Batch or punctual checks and automated management of CQ processes allow not to need areas of storage of goods waiting of Quality Control


All intralogistics operations are managed in paperless mode Lowerings, compaction, split, movement and association hierarchy of loading units and serial products are
managed by mobile operators.
Inventory operations can be performed in rotary mode, without need for warehouse stops or related production

Shipping and Supply

Integration with systems external (MES, ERP, MOM) allows you to receive orders
of shipments as well as preparation orders for enslavement of production lines Lowering operations, withdrawal, preparation, palletization and half load are sequenced and routed to the operating groups with the appropriate skills and means

Features and advantages

Service Oriented Architecture

A complete set of APIs for
integration with ERP and MES
company systems

Decreased check errors

100% paperless operations
with automatic formal
and process checks

Paper-Less Management

The preventive processing of
documents allows using
informations without paper

KPI e SLA Monitoring

Cycle times, operators
saturation, percentages
of SLA respect allow
proactive corrective actions

Use of portable devices

Control and check activities
are conveyed on portable devices
in radiofrequency wi-fi

Process control

Total control over
warehouse operations
by a workflow management
of the individual phases

Time reduction

Thanks to the traceability
of objects and the
dynamic sequencing of
intralogisitic operations

Indirect Costs Breakdow

Measurement of operations
allows you to have
allocation criteria
of the logistic costs on
individual product codes