Efficiency of plant logistics by automating the process in PULL logic with the only platform available to date, designed and engineered for the management and optimization of the production line.

LOG iN – eKANBAN platform is an intelligent system for managing and assigning missions able to standardize logistics activities and guarantee maximum production flexibility with a reduction in indirect costs of 25% and resource saturation of over 90%.


Logistics time reduction

No more dedicated forklift driver

Component call in PULL logic

Saturation resources over 90%

Automatic production changes



New technologies

Pulsanti radio

Radio buttons

Auto-powered radio buttons for the components call with no need of cabling (free installation along the line)
Tablet e Touch Screen

Tablets e Touch Screens

Components call via touch with status visibility of the calls. Possibility to integrate textual or animated operative instructions
Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Visibility of the component call and status of the calls in progress via Digital Signage (Monitor)

Standard Terminals

Use of the standard mobile terminals already available to the logistic operators
Smart Badge

Smart Badges

Integrate production and logistics in real time using the most suitable innovative devices (Smart Badges) for line supervisors/operators
Totem a bordo linea

Totem along the line

Access to the critical tasks (change in production, delays, exceptions, etc.) through the PC Totem positioned along the line for the highest level of efficiency

Functions and features

Automatic management
Production change

Automatic distribution
of the workload

Management of exceptions,
waste and returns

Management of calls
Milk-Run and train

Management of small-parts calls
and preparation

Management of SLA
of the logistic service

Monitoring the logistic costs
to the production

Monitoring in real time
the replenishment actrivities

Parameters and KPI of evaluation
of the logistic resources

Dynamic dimensioning
of the resources

Dynamic multilanguage

Integration with
ERP/MES/WMS systems

Integration with line detection
systems (eg. PLC)


Indipendence from layout
and management per areas



Dashboard and real time monitoring

Successful cases


Efficiency of factory logistics. The Kaercher plant in Quistello (MN), one of the largest Kaercher plants in the world, through the implementation of the LOG iN – eKanban platform, optimizes the interlocking processes of the 15 production lines and enables the PULL model.
LOG iN – eKanban allowed to:
Delete the dedicated logistics operator
Significantly reduce logistics hours
Transforming indirect costs into direct production costs