LOG iN – MAINTENANCE, the 4.0 maintenance

The LOG iN – Maintenance application platform makes it possible to improve the efficiency of maintenance processes by integrating, in a single tool, the traceability of the activities performed and a digital management of preventive, predictive and incident maintenance processes.

This enables a digital and mobile model that allows to automate, standardize and optimize processes, making maintenance operations faster and integrated with the logistic management of spare parts.

A digital and modern system to innovate the maintenance of your assets, reducing management costs.


Features and benefits

Use in mobility

Use of the software
in mobility on handhelds,
tablets and smartphones

Paper-less Management

All maintenance processes are
digital and there is no need
to use paper documents


Integration with all
traceability technologies
(ex. Barcode, RFiD, NFC)

Reduction of time

Proactive and dynamic management
of the maintenance priorities
to reduce significantly
intervention times

Maintenance calendar

Scheduled database of
preventive maintenance with
creation and automatic
assignment of the missions

Full traceability

Full traceability of the
activities and times
intervention performed.
Complete log of activities

Configuration management

Systems and machines
configuration management
with a full traceability
of the replaced parts

KPI and SLA Management

Real time monitoring
of all the activities
performed with graphical
dashboard report

Breakdown of indirect costs

Timely and correct distribution
of the maintenance costs incurred
for single department, asset or
type of system