LOGiNSAFE_grayCompletely “Made in Italy” system which, through Bluetooth TAG, allows monitoring of compliance with the distances between workers by alerting them via vibration or acoustic signal.

If the distance is not respected for a significant period of time, the TAGs store the event which will be saved on the LOG iN – SAFE Cloud platform.

In the event of positivity among the workers, the company has the opportunity, in real time, to trace the significant interactions that the other workers had with those who tested positive and to be able to isolate only the concerned workers.


  • Only the distance between the operators is monitored and not their position
  • Identification is completely anonymous in respect of privacy and GDPR
  • It increases the feeling of safety of the worker
  • The association between Tag id and user is known only by the company
  • Helps educate operators to maintain correct distances
  • It reduces the risk of blocking the activities of the entire department / company
  • Completely Cloud solution delivered in SAAS
  • The TAGs record the interactions and warn the operator even if there is no coverage of the antennas
  • Easy to install and quick to operate
  • No training needed for users
  • No maintenance costs
  • No activities borne by the company
  • It allows to isolate only the operators who have had a significant interaction with the positive subject




Bluetooth TAGs wearable by the worker who monitor in real time compliance with the safety distance. In case of violation, the TAG vibrates and signals to the worker that it is necessary to leave.

-Wearable solution
-Longlasting batteries
-No traceability



2.4 ghz antennas that allow you to download the information recorded on workers’ TAGs and send them to the LOG iN – SAFE server in the Cloud. The antennas are positioned at the entrances or in the gathering places.

-Total coverage is not required
-Minimal installation of an antenna
-Monitoring of places at risk



Web application with profiled and protected access to view reports and dashboards on dangerous events and the chain of significant interactions had by subjects who tested positive for the infection.

-Alert in real time
– Assembly monitoring
-Chain of positive interactions

Functional diagram


COVID-19 scenario

Maintaining the safety distance is one of the fundamental measures to guarantee the worker’s safety and to minimize the risk of infection.

The ability to digitally track significant interactions allows the company to have real-time monitoring in compliance with the rules of social distancing and to be able to intervene immediately with targeted measures and actions where necessary.

Features and functionality

Distance monitoring

Continuous monitoring of compliance with the minimum distance of 1.5 meters. among the workers. Monitoring is also guaranteed outside the workplace and in areas not covered by antennas.

Real time alert

Alert through vibration and / or acoustic signal in case of distance less than 1.5 m between two or more operators to signal the immediate need for removal. It allows to educate workers to maintain minimum distances.

Event logger

In case of prolonged proximity between workers (longer than a defined time) the TAG records the event and transmits it to the LOG iN – SAFE server on the Cloud as soon as the TAG is under the antenna coverage.

Risk monitoring

Real-time monitoring of critical areas with reporting of dangerous gatherings. In the case of a positive worker, it is possible to trace the contacts he had in the previous period by isolating only the workers concerned.

Weareble device

The TAG is a wearable, light and small size device.

Continuous monitoring

Continuous and everywhere monitoring of respect for distances

Respect for Privacy

The system does not allow the location and traceability of the worker.

Crowd monitoring

Possibility of installing antennas in the areas most at risk (e.g. canteen).

Chain of contagions

Visualization and download in excel of the list of interactions with the patient.

Cloud service

Application and service provided in the cloud without the need for maintenance.

Web application

Secure and profiled web access to the application from any authorized PC.

Cost reduction

Reduction of the risk of blocking or quarantine of the entire department / office.

Guarantee for the worker

It increases the feeling of safety of the worker by reducing the risk of contagion.